Forget the family reunion: this jubilee is about keeping the monarchy going

Until now, the overwhelming focus of the media coverage of the queen’s Platinum jubilee has been the human drama of an aged monarch trying to bring her family back together in order to put on a united front one last time. British tabloids have been particularly interested in the roles Harry, Meghan and Andrew will play as part of the jubilee events.  The queen’s attempt to healContinue reading “Forget the family reunion: this jubilee is about keeping the monarchy going”

William, Harry and the myth of Princess Diana

The unveiling of the Diana statue was the most recent ceremonial act in the mythologization of the Princess of Wales. Her sons, Princes William and Harry, are the ‘high priests’ who have given power to her myth since her death in 1997. Simply by being her bereaved children, William and Harry, aged 15 and 12 respectively at the timeContinue reading “William, Harry and the myth of Princess Diana”

What next for the monarchy?

A lot of overheated media commentary at the time of Prince Philip’s death insisted that his passing marked the end of an era. Certainly, he was the last British royal to have meaningful connections to a wider network of royal families – a result of a culture of European dynastic intermarriage that persisted through the firstContinue reading “What next for the monarchy?”